While we make every effort to keep this list current, it is entirely possible that an environment has recently added PMIx support that we missed and/or don’t know about. We welcome suggests/comments on coverage!

Programming Libraries


  • Open MPI: all versions starting with v2.x, as shown below. Note that Open MPI updates its embedded PMIx (staying within the PMIx major release) during the course of a series. For example, Open MPI v3.0.0 might include a copy of PMIx v2.0.0 while Open MPI v3.1.0 might include PMIx v2.1.1.
    • Open MPI v2.x: PMIx v1.2
    • Open MPI v3.x: PMIx v2.x
    • Open MPI v4.x: PMIx v3.x

    Open MPI’s internal runtime environment (ORTE) fully supports the embedded PMIx version of each release and can therefore launch and support compatible PMIx-enabled applications (see an explanation of cross-version compatibility here).

  • Spectrum MPI:
  • Fujitsu MPI:
  • MPICH:
  • HPE-MPI:


  • Reference(Stonybrook):
  • Mellanox:
  • Sandia:
  • ORNL:

Resource Managers

  • Slurm (SchedMD):
  • Job Step Manager (IBM):
  • Fujitsu:
  • ParaStation Management (ParTec Cluster Competence Center GmbH)

RunTime Environments

  • PMIx Reference RunTime Environment (PRRTE):