The PMIx community consists of a consortium of industry, government, and academia members spanning the general HPC arena, specifically focused on orchestration of application launch and execution. The community arose out of shared concerns for both issues associated with scaling of machines to ever increasing size, and the ability to support the growing wave of innovation in the HPC programming area.

Assembling a coalition across such a diverse collection is never simple, and one critical factor was an early agreement that any system management subsystem retains the right to return a not supported response to any request. Thus, participants agreed in essence to move the point of competition from the API to the quality and breadth of support for the standard by providing an abstracted, standardized set of interfaces, while leaving implementation of those interfaces to others. Customers will then be presented with a consistent API, for which it is easy to check if the support for desired features is present in the particular implementation, which informs their selection process for system software, and in turn fosters vendors to improve support.

Current community members include (in alphabetical order):